Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I don't know why I decided to put a jumper on, actually I am sweating in it. I just wanted to feel warm, I wanted something tight around me, something hugging my arms and neck.

I need warmth. But want no heat -- I need you, to feel me.


Anonymous said...

What sign are you?

~Female from planet Earth

ragingplanetfire said...

The last day of the Taurus. I was told recently I am as Gemini as one can get.

My mum tells me otherwise, "You are a Taurus for sure," she says. I don't know, though there is some stigma attached to being a Gemini. Who cares? I don't.

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering because you sound like me so much. I am a Gemini.

~Female from planet Earth