Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It's Real -- RandomThoughtsFourteen

Believe me it is real, the force is apparent, the light shines more than once.

Contact the heavens, I am your sun, marry my mind. My body is funtionless, at times my mind is the only active part, the only piece that says, "I am me, I am real!"

What do I say to you, what can I do to be close to you? Do you think I am one sick weirdo?

I am full of questions, sometimes I am too sexual, other times I am a loner-- a loser. I survive in my room for what? For writing? For endless hammering on keys, or a magic man on mars? I watch re-runs in my mind, the first time I stepped out into the waving sea, I was little then, yet I was a giant.

Why do I write? Why do I share these thoughts with you, why am I so honest? These are my treasures, my nuetrons and nureons all firing at once, this is what I say when my mouth does not speak.

Speak. Mouths are not the only ones to speak, the vocal chord is not the only instrument that invites a speach. Hear me I am not speak, forget these words I type and listen to you, listen and be comforted that I feel the same. I cry when know one is looking I am a man I am brave.

Sometimes no one can say what they feel, do you think I say everything I want to say? No, I cannot say everything I still haven't learnt to fully talk.

I would not even show this to people I know they will not believe me, they would not understand my views, they would think I have lost it. Inside me I am very sane, the world revolves around me differently, the same for the visually sane.

In the dark I am quiet, I hear a song, it comforts me all the night long.

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Anonymous said...

Is there such a thing as too sexual?
I think not.

~Female from planet Earth