Thursday, August 17, 2006

I Like Birds

Angels fly, white feathers
blanket the landscape below
like snow covers earth
on a cold December day.
Watching high they fly
avoiding loud Sunday crowds
with plastic bags of
stale leftover bread from Tesco .
I sat on river bank
and ate my packed
lunch of whole grain
bread, chedder cheese and
green sour pickles, a
rod propped on a
rock waiting for a
bite. I did not
fish for fish, but
watched a duffled swan
spray foam-white, its
webbed feet acting as skis. [end]


Anonymous said...
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ragingplanetfire said...

I must admit the title of my post probably attracted this little post. It was a bit of a double meaning, birds equal girls so I was being smart. And yes I like birds.

But I was disappointed the link doesn't seem to work.

U are mean indeed, I was looking forward to some nude Don't worry about me it is all about being entertained to some degree or level - tastfully.