Monday, July 10, 2006

World Cup Nightmare

It might have been friendly off the pitch during the World Cup but it was anything but friendly on the pitch. Look at all the fouls, though half of them were dives. Look at the ball stamping, and I mean Rooneys great moment during the Portugal match.

Look at Zidane's great head-butt.

I blame it on the refs, they were a disaster, and made the games unwatchable.

I blame it on the players for thinking that deception is right. Hopefully some little kid hasn't started perfecting the art of diving in some little village.

The Italians were tricksters, and cleverly played the ref into their hands. The amount of frees they got that should have been awarded to the French were unreal.

An Italian jumps in the air and falls all over a French player. Free kick to the Italians.

And Zidane had enough and rightly head butted an Italian in the chest.

For me this was the worst World Cup ever. Stop bringing in the big money boys, because players have to do everything they can to win these days in if it means playing dirty.

And yes I was for France. It was a shame. I guess it shows that you don't get anything in life by playing fair.


J.M said...

i love this!!
i couldn't have said it any better myself.
check out the comment someone made on my post about the world cup finals.
what a laugh.
speaking of which, where have you been these days?

Anonymous said...

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I interests me.
I like your style of writing, it very random. Originality is hard to come by these days.
I was impressed.

Just though I would let you know.

`Female from planet earth

ragingplanetfire said...

anonymous you, thanks for letting me know my little blog interests you...

I'm impressed your impressed.

I better get writing. lol