Monday, July 31, 2006

Why can't I Do What a Duck Does? -- RandomThoughtsTwelve

So what do you think? I am going on a journey, want to come with me?

Why does a duck take to water? Why does it like water? Why can't I do what a duck does, why can’t I float endlessly on? It is strange, I imagine myself sitting on a bed, a giant duck, sipping tea and dreaming of setting sail like a boat out on the ocean. I look at you, you are a green bug eyed alien, clucking, and hitting your tongue off the roof of your mouth. You make strange and unusual sounds.

Where is God in all this peculiarity, why do I continue to exist? Why do I always have an over imaginative brain. I remember when I was small and my hair was beach blonde being taken to the zoo for the first time, the penguins terrified me. They looked like soldiers dressed in tuxedos that was a terrifying thought for any little boy, soldiers in a battlefield dressed like they were ready to go to a ball. The monkeys made me shake and the lions whispered that if I came any closer to the bars they would have me as a starter before their main course. The main course turned out to be the warden.

Hello mother nature, the world is my womb, the sun contains no vitamins, I am a tomb.

Contact my enemies, put my head on a spear and let them gloat, I am no idol, sacrifice my pride to the sun. Immortal man, where is my treasure, where is my gold? I am yours do what you want. Burn my ships, I need no sailing ground, I am satisfied with you.

Contact the aliens, tell them I am sick of this earth and that I need to set my eyes on newness, on freshness, on greeness.

How green is the grass on the other side, can you send me a picture? Can you send me a graph of the greenness of the grass?

Suffer me no harm, I am your temple, a leg and an arm, a hidden dream of whiteness. Somedays I am a zombie, I watch myself from outside of my eyes. Sometimes I die, somethings are not meant to be born, sit and watch the movie inside my head.

If you are souless, share my soul, I offer you me, I offer you my candy-heart sweet sugar.


Dre said...

"If you are souless, share my soul, I offer you me, I offer you my candy-heart sweet sugar."

Are you going to put that in a poem? Sounds like it should be in one.

ragingplanetfire said...

I should shouldn't I.

I will see what I can do with it. Good to see you here.