Tuesday, July 04, 2006

What if love was you and I was love? RandomThoughtsFive

Sometimes I dream of doing something great, though most of the time I am lazy and do nothing great.

I think a lot. Imagery is important to me and so is sound. What does an image mean to you? What colour is connected with that image? Does the image represent you?

What if love was you and I was love? What image would you be? Would you be a heart? Typical. Would you be red? But what does red really mean? Does it mean death, murder or evil? Why can't I just see you as a different image everyday? Why can't you be a blue ocean wave, a kestrel in the sky, a climbing tree?

Imagine me a pair of eyes, I live in your head, I contain you. I feel you when you are not near. But I wish you were here. Constant head-banging gives the head and neck a pain. Is that what you want? Do you want to hurt? Do you want the cactus to bleed?

Feel the poison, child, Christ died for your sins sit still and honour Him.

Where were you that night she was murdered? What did you do to help her? Did you hear her scream as she was strangled? Comfort the sweet, soft spoken girl and tell her tears are good the pain will never go but time will heal.

What can I do? The footsteps of you whisper to me and tell me to walk away, but I hold on like a baby never wanting to let go.

Heaven help the obsessed. I am driven by you, piloting a fighting plane that eventually goes down.

Frosty man, ears are made to hear. Eyes are not meant for knocking out the past.

Sunshine rose the light is my rainbow the tears of sorrow makes you angel face.

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