Thursday, July 13, 2006

We Need to Take Your Statement

So I'm sitting in the police station giving a statement to a detective.

I was called in because a friend's sister was murdered and I had been talking to murderer a few weeks before the murder. So they wanted to know what he said, was he doing anything unusual. So I had to give a statement. I'm sitting in the this office he shares with a few other detectives they're talking about a raid for the next day, I listen in. Sounds interesting.

The detective is bald looks like the murderer. He asks me my name, occupation, he discusses the spelling of my name. Asks me the name of the murdered girl who recently graduated as a doctor. I tell him, he is clueless as to the spelling, he tries to get me to spell her surname. I try, don't know it. He tries to make it up I suggest: "Why don't you ring up the detective in charge of the investigation?" He smiles thinks it's a good idea. Rings him and finds out the correct spelling. Later on he has trouble with the murderer's surname. I look up on the wall a post it with a police officer's name is on the wall, he shares the same name as the murderer.

I talk to the detective about the night and that the murderer was sitting on my couch and that he banged on my door at 3am asking for hash. He writes this all down. I can hear the other detectives plotting the arrests in the corner.

The detective is stupid makes a series of mistakes and he corrects them, I have to sign my initials over every correction. After signing the statement, I want to rush to the phone and ring the criminals who will be arrested in the next 24hrs. The detective shows me out as the door in the main hall is broken, he feels very strong pulling the door wide open. He reminds me of the murderer.

I walk out of the station all the passing motorists looking at the dodgy looking long haired guy. A woman looks me up and down probably thinking, "That's probably the third time he's been down there this week. What's the world coming to?" I walk home, happy to get the attention even if I am labelled a criminal for a few secs.

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