Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Little Adventure

It was hot today, well for here, 20 degrees.

I went for a bike ride to a lake. Found a nice cool stream and started wading. It was cold and the rocks were slippery, but it was nice.

I got up the courage to go wading into the polluted lake. I was so brave and I forgot for a minute about all the things I could catch. There is a deadly bacteria in the lakes. It finally dawned on my that I didn't want anything swimming around me so I ran back onto dry land.

I then found an abbey that my brother and I climbed up. They are renovating at the moment so there is a lot scaffolding. We got this guy in dreads that was a rock climber following us on our adventure. I found a pink hard hat I gave it to the man and I took the white one. lol I am very colour conscious. He was getting so excited about rooms to visit and how to scale certain walls. My brother suggested to him an archway that is the most dangereous thing to climb but if you go there it is a must. He said it was too risky, even though I saw him leaping about on the scaffolding that went up at least three storeys.

We continued our cycle and went through some forest and out into a grassy hill in the middle of nowhere. We spotted a young couple making out so we continued on our way and decided to go home at that time.

It was still hot when we came home, and now my mum reminds me to wear cotton shorts. lol

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