Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I am a Pig Riding a Piggy Bank Random ThoughtsSix

I always think what it would be like to be something else. A wasp, a dog, a stick insect or maybe a whale.

It's strange imagining your brain and what you would think, if you would think, would you be bothered with petty things.

If the trees are green, why can't I be green? Why can't I be red, like you darling queen? Why can't I live in you?

Sometimes I die. Sometimes I live and then I die. Suffering is not for me, pain can come to someone else. I watch from a distance. The TV is my eye to a dying child, a mother melting in the sun. I eat a kitkat, I drink some milk, I eat chicken curry and rice. I can decide when I eat, I can walk into a supermarket full of food and become a consumer.

Little boy, why is your belly not full? Why are you a dancing skeleton in the buring heat? Can you talk to me and tell me what you would like to eat? Sometimes they sprout like trees in the midst of gunfire. A madman runs away from his infected computer as a little baby dies of AIDS. Who is infected, you terror insect? Who is God in the eyes of the dead, who is alive in a childs hands?

Murder me ten thousand times and I will tell you I don't care. Careless child of glutton . I am monster of greed and waste, sewage spills from my landfill eyes.

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