Sunday, July 02, 2006

How Far is it to Ur Temple Head?--Random Collection of Thoughts4

Hello, you say I am macabre. What do you mean by that? You say I am dark. What do you mean by that? Describe to me in adjectives what you don't like. Tell me what makes your mind tick, and I'll tell you what drives me.

I have no clue what I am though I know I am not dreary. I AM NOT MORBID! What makes you say such things? People die, soldiers rot in sand, though I have not seen it with my eyes. I know things.

I smile. I write about happy things, unusual things, the kind of things that might classify me as strange.

Tell me how to be more fantastical. Teach me how to write all dreamy. Show where the index finger connects with the brain. Teach me, I am yours to teach, I am your student show me.

I have been driving for so long, down a straight a narrow road, searching for your temple head. I have asked directions many times.

"Hello directions for Temple Head?"
"Sorry mate, you’re on your own there."

"Can you tell me how I can get to Temple Head?"
"Sorry, don't know."

Or the typical answer, "Sorry I'm not from around here."

So I keep on driving looking for some sign. The road map has run out, I am no longer on the map. I've driven off some road.

I hear some voice, I little whisper saying, "Her temple head is in your head."

It doesn't make any sense so I keep on driving, my hands on the wheel.

I close my eyes and fall asleep, never looking straight; suddenly I smash into a wall, no longer looking great.

I clutch my chest in pain, blood dripping from my mouth and I see her temple head facing south.

I close my eyes and wander away from my car, but my body is lying dead won't be going very far.

Her temple lives inside me and I live inside her too, every night I dream of being next to you.

Dream on dreamers. I've got the coat of dreams.

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Dre said...

Awsome stuff dude... I'm saving this to the hard drive when I get back... seriously.