Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Hello Love

Hello, I am so sorry for you. I know how much it hurts because I have felt such hurt.

Emotions are strange at times, drive people up the walls and make them do crazy things. If I could I'd make them disappear sometimes just so you could be happy and smile again.

Smiling feels good, laughing in a moment with someone close.

A passer-by wishes he could share some love with a kissing couple. A lonely boy sits in the park unnoticed by a lonely girl.

Death seems close now, the ageing heart aches inside a concrete wall. To love is to feel; sometimes we want that feeling forever.

I am sad. Sometimes I stick my head in a bag and look out like a goldfish in a bowl. Someday the world will light for me, and I hope for you too. Someday we will learn that we make mistakes, we can't force the impossible on someone else.

Love is a journey; remember there are billions of people on that quest. Some people don't respect you but that is human, though it hurts at times.

Tragically I ponder such invites. The heart shatters more than once and then is reborn. A baby shares love with his mother, and I wish for that same love with you. A baby cannot run away it is born for the mother.

I wish to be born for you and you for me. Selfish love the eye cannot hide it; the ear cannot trace the tune.

Cheer up you'll find another heart to share with.

1 comment:

J.M said...

im not 100 percent sure who you wrote this for, but considering my past post on my own blog.. it COULD be for me.
if so... thank you.
lets be golfishes inside plastic bags together!
we are two insane writers... with individual quests...
but i think we'll always be close.