Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hello Female, Planet Earth-- RandomThoughtsNine

Sometimes you can say more in your head, sometimes words are not enough.

Words are simple, yet simple words are at times terribly complicated. It's is difficult to read a word, to say this means that and the other way around.

Sometimes I can say exactly what I want to say through words, sometimes words are not enough. The world is not enough.

Write your thoughts down, share them with a fly on the wall, pretend someone is watching.

What earth are you from, my planet earth or another planet that resides in some distance sphere?

Earthling, treat us to a dance, make us sing and laugh.

Can I learn the language of the mind; can I seek to know the knowledge within?

Wait for me I think I have something I want to say. I forget again.

Sometimes I float forever, thinking why must I eat, what is the reason to love, why am I striving to lust.

I want to control myself, to say, "No." But I can't offer self restraint. I cannot tame the eyes from pleasure, I cannot stop touching. Brain be good to me today, don't let me move a limb towards gratification

Once again I am writing whatever pops into my head. These are my writings, thank you for reading.

Female planet earth thank you for showing an interest in my disjointed thoughts. And that didn't just pop into my head. lol


Anonymous said...

In my head everything seems so logical, and it all makes sense. It's when I try and explain myself to people that it gets screwed up. I can't express exactly what I want to.

But when I read this blog, it makes sense to me. It puts into words some of the random thoughts that go through my head.

I come from your planet.

~Female from planet earth

Dre said...

"Sometimes you can say more in your head, sometimes words are not enough."

Sigh.... how true.. how true.

Anonymous said...

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