Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Forever Food

Perfect son of eden,
I am headless,
my eyes contain no tears--
crucify my heart.

Terror god I am a murderer,
I live to strangle-- live to love.
Hell blankets me forever in a heathen mind.
The sun contains no secret, the world lives to fly.

Suffer me to build a temple to you,
my godiva woman,
my Neptune,
my topless bride.

I am your slave do what you will,
whip me,
punish me ten thousand times
until I bleed and cover the world with my love.

How much is too much?
I melt inside you,
I open up a blossom in your arms,
a child sucking on a nipple feast.

Sweetness you are my blood,
You are my food forever.

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