Saturday, June 17, 2006

World War Cup A Random Collection of ThoughtsTwo

Candy floss, hello snowy face. Feathers for down, a slight shriek of an ambulance. Why can't there be a world cup for war? Why can't there be eleven men on each side on a field, each country has their best soldiers and then we watch them battle out. Brazil would no longer win every time. Digest the score as you watch your team-mate bleed to death.

Once again I went on Google today. I wish Google Mars would come out soon so I can check out my alien sister who lives there, and see what street she lives on. Hello green sister, if you're reading this. Ola! Do you speak Spanish?

Oh, God, it aches to be young. I live on red rum you pirates now you hold bragging rights for death. Hello terrorist, I am your face a mouth piece to your world. Please don't behead me I earned my pecking rights. I have no chicken flu.

Eat this tomato. Its tasty red.

I watched as they covered her with a white sheet. Another murder on the news, my good friend’s sister was murdered. A group of boys murdered a man because he was gay. They cut him up over thirty times-- the amount of photographs I have to hang on the wall in the gallery. I wish the van could hurry up so I can go home and have my dinner. Dinner never tastes that good when it's with one. I wish I could share dinner with two.

Ladder. Snakes. Patrick. Green. Sick. Puke. Nuke. Atomic war. Science. School. Teacher. Glasses. Eyes. Windows. Shutters. Space ship. Voyage. Bon Voyage

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