Monday, June 26, 2006

Sunshine Magma

Sunshine head, I live in you
I grow inside your magma
Your cool waters are my life
A green rose, a white cotton snowflake
A lamb of wool.

Daily I pray for the sunshine,
the heart of sun,
The line of yellow,
The crisscross of veins.

Hello, sweet purity,
The meaning of you blankets me,
The universal tempo of your hips,
The little giggle from your lips,
Brings Venus to the eye.

Do you think you are contagious?
Do you think you are a leech,
something that bites and leaves a stain?
I want you all wrapped up in butter;
a warm melting block that feeds the sunshine
It leads the heat rays to the bones.

I live inside the treasure,
the happy smile of you,
the rich red freckles of the face,
the butter sun that says: “Stay forever in my arms.”

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