Thursday, June 15, 2006


Silence— nothing was heard as the house was thrown into darkness. Sara slept surrounded by pillows and cushions. She was confused. What would she do without her husband? Without him life could not go on. Without him she would fade into the night and be heard no more. Death was a strange and gruesome word that she hardly understood. Peace—yes she longed for peace to find a way out of the pain and anguish that ripped her gut.

Dreaming felt good, it reminded her of what it felt to be alive. She could feel the soft, golden wheat underneath her feet and hear the seagulls laughing above the roaring waves.

Gary?—what happened to Gary? He had died in a tangle mess of blood and car metal. He was gone! But in her dreams he could be seen. He would dance with her in the cotton fields that were dotted white. It reminded her of snow—the soft white feeling of it slipping through her fingers and then blowing in the breeze.

She loved the pink-peachy apple blossoms. The smell was her saviour, and when she walked through the orchards it reminded her of her Gary and the way it was meant to be. The dreaming would stop every time she opened her eyes and took a glimpse at the blinding sun. The sun reminded her of reality, and that her dreams were only dreams.

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