Monday, June 26, 2006

No I or Me

Look at me, reflection man,
I am hurting,
This is me, not a carnal image,
Not a crisp green rain forest,
Not a clean warm blanket.

I am a lighthouse, hear the moans inside,
The gravity of endless air,
Techno garble.
Satin, the red flows, miracles are performed.

Endless the ghouls are, the eye
Is the source to the cancer,
Each night is a scream.

Frosty hands, a bit of a bite,
Can you snuggle up with me?
Can you be me?

How can you help when you live in spring?
The lambs on the hill, flowers in bloom.
You ignore my underground.

Hell has no fury like me,
A lament of a dying star,
A stagnant pool,
No longer a drinking ground.

Here I stand, I have no name,
No I or me,
Salvation is only miraculous.
poem and artwork* by ragingplanetfire
*one image that wasn't mine was used

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