Friday, June 16, 2006

Neck Brace, Sun Chase, A Random Collection of ThoughtsOne

Being here is the frightening thing. Marriage means something, a whining child in the arms, a piece of meat stuck in the teeth. Sometimes I wish I could abseil through your eyes and see what you see, and taste your breath inside me. What are you thinking with that brain of yours? Do you see me like I see you? Do you see me like I see me?

Wondering what the holocaust felt like comes to mind, a suicidal insect takes a leap. A swarm of bees relay the news to all, "Sunshine takes the place of stars, and freedom is what you make it."

Chords are struck, on an instrument, a guitar perhaps, a bass or a ukulele. Why can't I string my heart to my head and wire the CPU to my liver? If I am a worm then you are an apple, a red one, a sweet one, a core of a universe. What is the future of you? Do you Google ten thousand times a day, looking for a clue, an answer to the riddle. Ask Jeeves, maybe that never ageing butler knows.

A rabbi is a rabbi if he knows he is a Jew. Secrets are secrets if they remain with you. Don't tell me that you have my child and that you have three months left to live. I heard the Japanese are trying to re-introduce whale hunting and put the meat back on the stock market. Heaven is what you make it, heaven is hell, girl would you wash you smell.

George Bush Jnr looks younger by the day, hello Tony Blair I hope your team is doing well in the world cup and that they'll win the election for you.

Atomic bombs are what I like; children eat one everyday, "A bomb a day keeps the doctor away!" I'm sure of that.

War, weapon, war, a fragile economy, a deathless war, a side affect of a drunk nation. Cripple me, mother goose, while you lay your golden egg. I am a walrus, a two eyed demi-god, an elite Russian capitalist a greedy communist. Pass the salt I want to see this slimily slug melt.

Ice caps are becoming Eskimos. The Sahara is a death yard; a camel goes in search for an oasis. Osama Bin Laden lives inside the White House, I've seen him there, and Bush’s press team does a good job of filming him.

Media is a weapon and so is my toothbrush "Back off!
"Hello God, I am an Alien. Why do I have three eyes and a rubber neck?"

I like water, someday I will have no water, and Africa will come to me—a paradox inside a heaven. I like my yellow ducky, come and watch the sun.

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J.M said...

typical you... random thoughts thrown together in your own unique way of expressions.