Thursday, June 29, 2006

Give Us the Stereo

I'm walking home with a stereo in my hand. I had brought it to a friend's house so we could play a bit of music. I also brought some of my CD's as well.

So I'm walking home, it's dark I see a few lads up ahead they shout out to me, "Give us a look at your stereo."

I keep on walking.

They walk up to me, three of them, tall and skinny. One stands in front of me and then the others on either side.

I wisely back up and then they come closer to me.

"Give us the stereo, boy!"

"No," I say. It wasn't my stereo even if it was mine I wouldn't have given it to them.

"But come on boy, we just want to listen to a few tunes."

"I'm not giving you my stereo, go get your own."

That's what they were doing trying to get their own.

So they get upset, closing in on me. I start walking.

"Where are you going boy?" They follow me.

"You have a place to stay for the night?" They ask me.

"I'm roughing it," I say. "I might check out a park bench."

"Give us the stereo boy. Give us your tunes!"

"No," I say still walking. "You wouldn't be into it, heavy headbangers stuff."

I wanted to say: "You idiots all you'd be into is little techno and dance tunes, that even my granny would think was crap." But I couldn't these guys are so unpredictable, and Ireland is full of them, they're not used to ppl standing up to them and meeting with resistance.

"You can stay the night in our place."

Are you having me on? There's no way I'm shacking up with you lads no offence but I value my life a little too much.

I pretend to be an idiot and just walk everywhere and nowhere. They leave me alone and walk off. As soon as they are gone I bolt back home, safe and sound. As for that stereo it's not going anywhere outside my door.

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Dre said...

Dude, thats freaky.