Monday, June 26, 2006


Hello eye, you filled the digits to a one,
A loaded pistol, an angry gun.
Dispose of gruesome death and trap,
A son of sam, a frozen sap.
Treaty me from pinnacle,
This man of fear is cynical.
Perform not war in the heart,
Kingdom come, another start.
Headless chicken I am he,
A buzzing murder, an angry bee.
A bloody bear on a walk,
Here lies evil, forward stalk.
Count the numbers of evil's ride,
See the stain of death's old stride.
See the past and future still,
A chance to make another kill.
All this lies inside the eye,
Remember now it is just a sty.
poem and artwork by me

1 comment:

Dre said...

Hurrah Hurrah!! The man CAN write in fixed form. :P