Wednesday, October 29, 2014


NaNoWriMo is kicking off in a few days and I've been trying to decide if I'll do it or not. I started doing it in 2011 and didn't complete it once, though it was a good exercise in writing. I think the most I wrote in November was 30,000 words. It was a challenge but at times it really upset me and got me thinking more about the word count then having a go at just writing. So this year it will be NaNOwrimo for me. There's no use feeling sick over the whole thing and getting guilty about how many words were written in November. That doesn't mean that I'm against NaNoWriMo as it works for some (might give them a kick up the arse to write) it's just not for me.  I think every writer needs to find out what works for them. So for the month of November I will continue to write everyday though there won't be a rigid word count or specific type of writing.

Here are some writing challenge sites that I'll be digging into during November:

The 100 Word Challenge

One minute writer

Write or Die

750 words

And some prompts:
writing prompts


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Some Roads aren't Meant to be Travelled Alone

Collage by Eugenia Loli. Check out more of her wonderful pieces here:

Some Roads 
are not Meant 
to be Travelled Alone
And so we go together. 
A happy family. 
He takes the wheel, 
turns on the ignition 
and we drive and drive. 
We drive by coral 
and spy with our pearly eyes 
orange diamonds. Our thoughts 
butterfly into emerald pools. 
as we cruise over a reef.  
Ahead is our future, 
it is red like a lobster
and full of fire. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Children Should be Seen Not Heard

Here's my fifth. Now it looks like some of the proverbs are not really related to the piece of writing. No harm there. The proverbs only act as triggers.

Children Should be Seen not Heard
Thats what he said. Be an angel. Do not make a peep. Smile. Synchronise your breathing to the tick of a clock. You are an ornament now. You are a China doll. Do not move. Do not move. Or it will be the end of you. 

Poetry Proverb 4

Early Bird
I have no truck with truck
And I must be clear and tell you
She fell off the back of a lorry.
I told her she had a face that 
could launch a thousand ships. 
A frog formed in my throat
and I knew she was forbidden fruit
And she knew it.
Why not give up and get a dog
it's man's best friend.
But doesn't every dog have its day?
Can fine words butter parsnips?
And we laughed and laughed
She laughed last and the longest.
She told me, "Try to put 
your best foot forward,
the early bird will get the worm."

You are What You Eat

Day Three of the Proverbs Project

You are What You Eat

The French entertainer, Michel Lotito died aged 57. In his lifetime he had eaten bicycles, shopping trolleys televisions and a Cessna 150. One might wonder how such a thing entered his head. It is said that he started eating unusual materials at the age of sixteen, but what made him do it? 

Was he bored and thought, what would a kettle taste like? 

Was it a dare? I dare you to eat a bicycle wheel? 

Was there a lack of money in his household? Were his parents jobless or had they lost their jobs? 

Whatever the reason Michel hit the mothrload in 1978 when he started consuming a Cessna 150. His 'meal' lasted roughly two years. 

During his lifetime Michel ate nearly nine tonnes of metal. His method was to break it into small pieces Then he drank mineral oil followed by large amounts of water while swallowing the metal bits. 

One wonders if he was alive today would he have gone bigger. Perhaps a tank or a fighter jet would be next on his plate. Or perhaps a skyscraper. Why not go further Michel Lotito. Consume a village or a small town. Eat the shops, crunch into the windows and the slate roofs. Eat the schools and the hospitals. Eat asphalt roads and swallow entire airports and planes. Why stop there? Eat entire cities, countries and continients. Open your mouth wide, Michel Lotito, and swallow the world.

Being a Writer all Your Life

The online How Writers Write Fiction being run by the University of Iowa is in full swing. In Session 5, Animating the World, Mahsa Mohebali talks about creating character. I was particularly drawn to what she said at the beginning. She says:

I think the most important thing for a writer is that you know we shouldn't be a writer just for the time we sit at the table and we start to write. It doesn't work. When you want to write you should be a writer all of your life. For example when you take a shower, when you make love, when you are shopping, whatever you do you should be a writer and you should think about... you must think about what you write.

And of course if you want to write a novel and you create a character it would be really helpful if always you think as if the protagonist lives inside you and you do all of the things from the point of view of him or her, how she drives, how she takes a shower, how she cooks, how she... and I know, it makes you crazy, but it's the way that you can really feel the character which you want to make and create.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Letting Go of the Blank Page

Check out my blog post on The Killarney Writers' Group blog. You can find it here: Letting Go of the Blank Page